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Memphis to release Tyre Nichols arrest video


Memphis officials will release a little over an hour of footage of Tyre Nichols’ deadly encounter with police, according to Shelby County District Attorney Steven Mulroy.

Mulroy, speaking to CNN ahead of the video being made public Friday night, said the material will include three body camera videos. One will be footage from “almost all” of officers’ first encounter with Nichols.

This will show the moments shortly after Memphis officers pulled over Nichols’ vehicle for suspected reckless driving, according to a statement from Memphis police. Mulroy said the video does include the initial traffic stop.

The other two body camera videos, plus a video showing an overhead view, will show the officers’ second encounter with Nichols.

“A confrontation occurred” between officers and the vehicle’s driver — later identified as Nichols — who fled on foot after the initial traffic stop, according to Memphis police. Officers apprehended him and “another confrontation occurred,” resulting in Nichols’ arrest, police said.

Mulroy said people can expect to see “enough” of this second encounter, up until Nichols is taken away in an ambulance.

Five officer involved in the arrest have been charged with murder and kidnapping, Mulroy announced Thursday.

“But I suspect that the average viewer after watching the video will not have too much trouble understanding why all five officers are being held responsible for the death of Tyre Nichols and we are, in fact, confident that we have a strong case,” he told CNN.


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