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International Court of Justice underpins trust in world’s legal order, says top official |


On Friday, Judge Leonardo Brant was elected to serve on the International Court of Justice (ICJ), the principle judicial organ of the UN, which settles legal disputes between Member States.

The Brazilian jurist joins a bench of 15 eminent justices from around the world, who hear cases that can often take years to work their way through the system, with profound consequences for not only the countries involved, but entire regions.

UN News recently sat down with the Registrar, or head of the ICJ, Philippe Gautier, at UN Headquarters in New York, who told us without the Court, there would be “no trust” in the international legal order, and “terrible consequences” for international peace and security.

Philippe Coste of our French service, began by asking him what role the Court could potentially play in bringing Russia to account for its illegal invasion of neighbouring Ukraine, on 24 February.


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